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Lotsaspots is a family home in Bedfordshire, England.

In the house lives Tracy, Robert, Thomas & Lucas and Logan plus Missi & Evo our dalmatians

Tracy is a member of The Dalmatian Clubs and we both help out with welfare if needed. Tracy is the Bedfordshire Area Representative for The British Dalmatian Club.

2006 -2010 we were members of the  The Kennel Clubs "Accredited Breeder" Scheme. We cancelled our membership as we are currently not breeding at Lotsaspots
(To find out more about this scheme feel free to go onto our links page and look at The Kennel Clubs website).


1992 The Start - Micky & Dino

In 1992 we got our first liver & white Dalmatian from Jane Freeman called Micky (Micky Of The Highlodge).

It all started when we were asked by the breeder to go along to a local Open show at Newmarket. Here we
met all the other puppies from the litter and had a little family re-union.

Whilst at this show we met the area representatives from The British Dalmatian Club who organised walks for
Herts, Beds & Bucks. One day we decided to go along on one of their outings - this was great fun.
Over 20 Dalmatians running all free over fields and then into the pub.

Sadly we lost Mickey at a young age.

We decided to get another Dalmatian and got Dino (Dakata Dumpi Deano J.W.) who was also liver & white
boy from Teresa Gardinor. We enjoyed the open show so much that we started showing Dino at small shows
to start with. However the bug gets to you and before you know it. We were travelling up and down the country.
It is very enjoyable and a great way to meet people.

Pebbles & Dino_0.jpg

1995 - Pebbles & Lotsaspots Affix

Whilst at the Championship Dog Shows. We noticed a dog called Charlie (CH Champers Charlie Of Cibrith J.W.).
Who was owned by Keith and Kathy Willis. We were looking to get Dino a friend and waited for Charlie to be mated
to Annie. They had beautiful puppies in 1995 and from this we were able to have our little black and white spotted
girl Pebbles (Cibrith Charlies Angel J.W.)

In 1997 we decided that we wanted our own Affix (Kennel Club Name).It took us a while thinking up lots of
names and eventually Robert came up with LOTSASPOTS.We thought this was fun and applied to the
Kennel Club to get this registered.


In 1998 we mated Pebbles & Dino and had 12 beautiful puppies. From this litter we kept
Rodney (Lotsaspots Liver Luke).
We mated Pebbles in 2001 this time with Freddie (Cibrith Cat-Kin J.W.). 6 lovely puppies were born and this
time we kept Missi (Lotsaspots Angels Reply).


2007 Missi & Evo

We tried to mate Missi in 2006 but this was unsuccesfull and was advised not to do another mating. This was a
real shame as we had waited for over 2 years to get a puppy from Missi and now this was not going to happen.
We then decided we would have to look elsewhere for a new dog puppy. We were very lucky and I found out
that Rita & Lew Stokes from Elaridge Dalmatians had a lovely litter. We went to see the litter and liked Evo straight away.
He is settling into our household very well and having lots of fun keeping all of us on our toes!.


2011 - Our Other Boys!

In Christmas 2003 we had an addition to the family. This time it was not a Dalmatian but a little boy called Thomas.
With Lucas joining us in March 2007

Then Logan joined the Ayers family home in February 2011

So there you go we are a normal family with Dalmatians