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Elaridge Evolution At Lotsaspots


Photo of Evo taken 3rd August 2008 @ The British Dalmatian Champ Show aged 13 months old
Here are some of Evo's show achievements along with photos and critiques

Thank you to all the judges that think so highly of my boy




BDC page 3.jpg

Critique : 1st Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution at Lotsaspots. Yes, he is a big boy, but his quality and overall balance can not be denied. I have judged him over 2 years ago, and if anything, he is better. B/s masculine boy of excellent type. Strong head without being coarse. Excellent arched neck into well laid shoulders with defined wither. Solid round bone down to correct, tight feet. Deep capacious chest with good depth of brisket and excellent forechest. Well angulated hindquarters with well set hocks propelled him around the ring in a rhythmic action with ease, though his exuberance can be a little hard for his handler to contain at times. To top it off his coat was in sparkling condition and he is beautifully decorated with evenly distributed spots. A privilege to put my hands on him, if I could build a dog, this would be it! Thrilled to give him BD and see him take BIS. Thank you to Janet Saunders (Dallydal Dalmatians) Who Judged the Dogs

Trophies Won At The BDC Club Open Show



2nd July 2010 - Windsor Champ Show
Judge: Johnathan Goulding
Class: Open Dog
Result: 3rd - Qualified Evo for Crufts For Life and got his stud book number

4th June 2010 - Southern Counties Champ Show
Judge: Keith Nathan
Class; PG Dog
Result: 4th

31st May 2010 - Bath Champ Show
Judge: Naomi Forrest
Class: PG Dog
Result: 4th

13th March 2010 - Crufts Champ Show
Judge: Margaret Mulholland
Class: Limit Dog
Result: Unplaced

10th January 2010 - Boston Champ Show
Judge: Allan Talbot
Class: Limit Dog
Result: VHC


Evo Buba Open Show 3rd April 2010.jpg

22nd May 2010 - Coventry Open Show
Judge: Janet Saunders
Class: Open
Result: 1st and BEST OF BREED
Also 4th in Utility Group - different judge

Breed Judge Critique:  


1.Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution. B/S male, much larger type but well balanced. Was a pleasure to get my hands on this stallion of a dog. Masculine head, but not overdone. Excels in forechest, plenty of heart and lung room. Good bone, straight forelegs down to tight feet.  Strong Hindquarters.A bit exuberant today, could have done with more room to stride out as well as I know he can, but nevertheless took a quality class. Looked the part in the group ring where he had much more room. BOB. G4.

3rd May 2010 - British Dalmatian Club Show
Judge: Mrs S Ely
Class: PG
Result: 4th

3rd April 2010 - BUBA Open Show
Judge: Lou Garton
Class: Open
Result: 1st and BEST OF BREED

Open: 4 entries, 3 present

1st Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution. 2 ½ yr old B/S dog. A dog I have long admired from the ringside and it was a pleasure to finally get my hands on him. He is a ‘stallion’ of a dog and oozes quality throughout. Excellent spotting of good pigmentation and well distributed. Has a lovely dark eye, good ears, a lovely length of neck flowing onto an excellent topline. His angulations are so well balanced and allow the good width of muscle and correct chest. So nice to see a correct length and placement of upper arm which allows him to move with an excellent length of stride. He also moves true fore and aft. He has good tight feet, the right amount of bone for his size and good tail set & carriage. To be hyper critical, I would prefer more length of muzzle to complete the picture, but he has so many other virtues and boy does he shout them out. Well handled as he is obviously full of beans and quite a handful. Won this class and Best of Breed with his numerous qualities throughout and showed really well in the group.

4th August 2009 - Paignton Champ Show

Evo Paignton 4th Aug 2009.jpg

4th August 2009 - Paignton Champ Show
Judge: Mary Sparks
Class: PG Dog
Result: 1st out of 3 and Qualified for Crufts 2010


PGD (3) 1 Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution, strong looking dog, attractive b/spotting, masculine head, clean neck & shoulders, deep brisket, good topline & strong hindquarters, tight feet, moved well

Photo from BDC website

12th July 2009 - North Of England Champ Show


12th July 2009 - North of England Dalmatian Champ Show
Judge: Dr W.J.E. Gardner
Class: Special Beginners Stakes
Result: 1st out of 6 - received a fantastic rossette
Evo dad Zacco won Open Dog, DCC and Best In Show
Excellent day and Weekend

12th July 2009 NOEDC - see above

NOEDC 12th July.bmp

Evo in Special Beginners Dog Class
Special Beginners (6, 0) 1. Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution, 2 y.o. b/s, good bone, excellent flow of neck into shoulders, long, deep ribcage, solid dog who tended to stand “rocking horse” at times, good stifles, hocks could be stronger and head could be a little more refined, good bold spotting on excellent coat.

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